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Summer sale

Until August 31st, we’ve heavily discounted loads of our products.

You can also use the discount code SUMMER for an additional 10% off until the end of August.

Have a great Summer from everyone at Royal Knives.

WHY royal knives?

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Superior quality

Thousands of our products have been sold across the world, and we very rarely have quality complaints from customers. This is because of our manufacturing process, but mainly our quality control. We inspect each and every individual order for defects before it is shipped to make sure you get the best product we can provide.

real cs:go knives, Home, Royal Knives

Fast support

We’ve received many commendations for our amazing support team. They respond to support emails and tickets incredibly quickly, and are very friendly. Best of all, we now offer live chat so you can get your problem dealt with quicker than ever. Our customers have told us that our support team is infinitely better than our competitors’, who are often rude and sometimes don’t even respond.

real cs:go knives, Home, Royal Knives

Low prices

Other real CS:GO knives retailers charge significantly more than us for the same products. Our products are the same (if not better) quality, yet they often charge 50%-200% more than us. 

real cs:go knives, Home, Royal Knives

working with the community

All of our team are gamers of some sort, just like you. We understand our customers. Royal Knives offers affiliations and partnerships to gaming organizations, teams and players. You support us, and we’ll support you.

Got Questions?


Here are some of the most common questions customers ask us, along with answers from our support team.

Most of our knives are sharp, with the exception of butterfly knives. Karambits, Talon knives, Gut knives, Flip knives and Ursus knives are all sharp. Sharp Butterfly knives are illegal in most countries and will likely get stopped by customs, so we sell them blunt instead.

We plan to sell as many real CS:GO knives as we can in the future, including M9 Bayonets, Huntsman knives and any others.

Sometimes we pre-announce large sales (e.g. Christmas and Black Friday), but for most of our sales they are quite random and usually only for 1-2 days. The best way to find out when we have a sale on is by following us on Twitter and Instagram.

We are the only real CS:GO knives retailer to offer free international shipping.

We will attempt to ship your order to any country, however please be aware that we take no responsibility for any repurcussions of this and can only usually provide a partial refund if your order is seized by customs. We have varying success with different countries. Please check local laws and customs rules before purchasing.

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Written by our customers

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