Affiliate Guide

We are really excited to finally bring our affiliation and sponsorship system to you. Please find all the relevant information below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on our dedicated affiliate support email:

Affiliate and sponsorship tiers

We currently offer affiliation and product sponsorship. These are detailed below. If you are a much bigger streamer or YouTuber, we can personalise and tailor a sponsorship to you. Please email us to discuss this.

Affiliation is open to absolutely everyone. We offer actual monetary payouts, so you earn real money. Find out more below

What you get

  • A discount code for your supporters to use. This discount will start at 5% and increase from there depending on a number of factors. There are no set numbers that we publish for requirements of the higher percentage but each application is reviewed individually.
  • At the end of each month, you will receive a payout. For each order using your discount code, you will be credited with the amount your supporter saved when using your account. E.g. an order subtotalling $20.00 which uses a 10% coupon code will save $2.00, so your supporter will pay $18.00. You then get credited the $2.00 saved. The payout will include the totals of all these. The payout is done via PayPal, and on a monthly schedule.

Eligibility requirements

  • No requirements for the base 5% level. We have internal requirements for higher levels but are very flexible. We try to interact with our affiliates (subscribe on YouTube, follow on Twitch etc.). We want to support both smaller and larger creators. 

How to apply

Enter your registration information in the registration form on this page:

We will approve your account within a few business days and you will receive an email notification. Reply to this email with your desired coupon code and we will let you know when it has been set up. You can then track uses of this coupon code on the Affiliate dashboard:


Do I need to sign up as an affiliate on both and

We operate two different websites for operational reasons. You don’t have to sign up as an affiliate on both, but we strongly recommend doing so. Unfortunately your account details will not transfer between our two websites, and you will have to check statistics for both separately.

Are there any materials I can use to promote Royal Knives?

We don’t currently have any graphics or media for you to share to promote your affiliate code; but you can of course create your own or just Tweet the code out, put it in your YouTube videos, or on your stream overlay.

Any other questions? Email us!

Product sponsorship is not currently available.