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COVID-19 Service Update

Last updated: 11 June

As every country and business is experiencing issues during the pandemic, we wanted to provide our valued customers with an update regarding the issues we are facing.

🟠There is a slight increase in order processing times.🟠

We’re working increased hours, but due to both safety precautions and a sudden increase in orders, we are still facing delays in the processing of orders. Whilst we normally ship orders 1-5 days after they are placed, it’s now taking between 3 and 10 days. We are implementing measures such as offering overtime for our amazing warehouse staff across the world and will update this page further in the coming days.

🟢Support times are unaffected.🟢

Thanks to our fantastic support teams, there are currently absolutely no delays in support ticket and email response times. As ever, we try to respond to queries within 24 hours of receiving them and are currently managing this. If there are further updates, we’ll update this page.

🟠Delivery times are slightly delayed.🟠

Unfortunately, delivery times to all countries are currently impacted by the effects of the pandemic. The worst affected countries appear to be: United Kingdom, United States, France, Australia. The delays are less than they were in May, but please still expect a slight delay.

Orders are currently being delivered between 2 and 3 weeks to most countries.

In most cases, delays appear to be mainly occurring in customs facilities which is completely out of our control. We are actively working with our shipping partners to reduce their delays and will update this page with any further updates.

Thank you for continuing to support Royal Knives during this time. <3