Frequently Asked Questions

What products do you sell?

We sell real CS:GO knives with skins inspired by the game. The knives we currently sell are Karambits, Butterfly knives and Flip knives. We aim to start selling other knives such as M9 Bayonets, Huntsmans and more knives in the future.

How long does shipping take?

What makes us stand out from our competitors is that we don’t charge excessive shipping rates. In fact, we offer free shipping on all orders! Shipping can take anywhere from 3 days to 4 weeks, depending on what product your order and what country you live in. On average, most orders arrive within 2 weeks. You will be given a tracking number shortly after your order has dispatched to check where your order is. Please allow 4 weeks to pass before contacting us regarding your order.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship to all countries, however some countries do not allow the importation of certain knives. We will attempt to ship all orders made, however we cannot be held responsible if your country’s customs/border agency take your order or for any action taken by them after doing so. Please check that the product your want to order is not banned in your country before you order.

Sometimes, customs inconsistently take random orders whilst letting others through. For this reason we cannot guarantee anything and is why you should check before ordering.

Are your knives sharp?

Some knives are sharp, some are not.

Karambits: Sharp

Butterflies: Blunt (not sharp)

Flip knives: Sharp

How old do I have to be to purchase from your store?

You have to be the legal age required to own knives in your country if you want to order from this website. Usually, this is 18 but please check beforehand. By checking out and ordering, you confirm you are at least the legal age for purchasing knives in your location and are responsible for your own actions.

What’s the difference between and

Not much, really. is just another storefront/outlet for This for targeting purposes only, as was our previous website. The same Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Returns Policy apply to both outlets and can be viewed at the bottom of this page. We will eventually phase out but it is fully functional for now. New products will only be added to the store.


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