ID Verification

We require all customers to submit a photo of an official government-issued identification document (ID), such as a passport or driving licence, when ordering knives on our website to ensure all customers purchasing knives are over the age of 18.

Suitable documents

We will accept any government-issued documentation confirming the billing name and date of birth of the customer making the order. This could be a passport or a driving licence. This varies from country-to-country, and we ship products all over the world so cannot give a comprehensive list. Any queries on what might count as suitable documentation can be sent to

The document must show the same name used in the billing address, along with their date of birth. Any government-issued ID will suffice, as long as it clearly shows a name and date of birth. We do not require photo ID.


We have put a lot of thought and effort into ensuring we follow all privacy laws, and go even further. These are the steps we have taken to safeguard our customers:

  • All ID documents are deleted from our servers immediately after they are verified, which occurs within 48 hours of an order being placed.
  • No copies of any ID documents are kept on or off our servers after they are deleted.
  • We don’t use any automated verification tools, and don’t send your ID to any third party. We perform manual verification ourselves.
  • All sessions on our website are encrypted, so none of your information can be targeted in middleman attacks, including ID documentation. Just make sure you see the padlock icon in the address bar:

Why is this a requirement?

We’re doing this to reduce fraud, and to ensure all of our customers purchasing knives are over the age of 18. This does not mean you are legally allowed to buy knives in your country or jurisdiction, it simply means we are fulfilling our responsibilities as a knife retailer. If you have any queries, please email us at


Where do I upload my ID?

When you get to the checkout, you’ll see ‘Please upload an ID document’ at the top, followed by a blue ‘Choose File’ button. Click that button, and select your ID document. If you experience any issues related to uploading your ID document, please email us at

What quality should my ID be?

As long as we can clearly read the name, address and date of birth, there will be no problems.

What ID can I use?

You can use a passport, driving license, or any other government-issued ID as long as it shows a name and date of birth, where the name matches the name used in the billing address at checkout. We do not require photo ID. If you have no government-issued ID documents that are suitable, please email us at as we have alternative methods such as a utility bill accompanied with something else. Do not just upload a utility bill, as this will not be accepted.

Will ID verification delay my order?

No. We will continue to process your order as normal such that there will be no delays if the ID document is acceptable. If there is an issue with the submitted document, we will contact you as soon as possible and resolve it quickly.

Is ID required for non-knife orders?

No. If your order only contains non-knife items (e.g. just a case and stickers) you will not be prompted to upload ID and we will not require any.