Where do we ship?

We ship our products to countries across the world. Sometimes, a customs agency in a certain country may start blocking some of our products from entering their country. We do not provide a list of countries that may start blocking certain products as it is sporadic and changes rapidly. If we detect this to be a widespread issue, we will stop orders of certain products to some countries. You will see the “We cannot currently sell this product to your country” message on product pages when this is the case. Usually, we will allow orders to affected countries again after a short period of testing and/or communications with the country’s customs agency.

We are currently opening a fulfilment center in the United States serving the US & Canada, along with a fulfilment center in Europe. They will reduce the seizure of products to certain countries and also decrease shipping time. These are both in the early stages and are only shipping certain products and skins, but we will expand this when we are ready.

If you have a query on whether we can ship a certain product to a certain country, send us an email at support@royalknives.co.uk. We cannot provide legal advice, but can say if we can ship to that country and how often a product gets seized.